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Joint SuperComputer Center (JSCC) was founded in 1996 by joint decision of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Technologies, Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) as state scientific institution.

Main goals of JSCC are:

  • to provide researchers (employees of scientific institutions of RAS, participants for science programs of Russian Ministry of Education and Science, grant-holders of RFBR and federal science centers) with modern computational resources locally and remotely via national telecommunicational network for science and high school;
  • to help researches maximize utilization efficiency of HPC-systems and to use modern information processing techniques, included Internet;
  • to provide access to modern databases;
  • to conduct researches for developing of system and applied mathematical software and solving problems of high complexity.

JSCC staff consists of high qualified scientists, programmers and engineers. At present JSCC employ 84 person.

To solve complex problems in various areas of science and technology JSCC form temporary creative groups from prominent mathematicians and experienced programmers.

Director of JSCC is academician, professor Savin Gennady Ivanovich, leading scientist in information technologies and mathematical modeling.

First deputy director - Shabanov Boris Mikhailovich, specialist in designing of hardware and software solutions for supercomputers.

JSCC acts as sub-faculties for the following universities: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Moscow Institute for Electronically Technics (MIET), Moscow State Institute for Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation (MIREA) and teaches more then 70 students.

Strategic partnership was established with Moscow State University, where, by join efforts, educational computational complex was founded.

JSCC has formed consultation council to aid users. Users may listen to lectures on schedule and apply to course required by them. Three level system for raising skills and propagation of modern techniques exists in JSCC. It is oriented on specialist with different grades of experiences.

JSCC is the most powerful and largest supercomputer center in Russia, with its performance ten times greater then performance of any other supercomputer centers of Russia in science and education.

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Last modified: 23.11.2004